Divided into various categories, you will find the highlights of the wide-ranging portfolio. Whether spectacular architectural shots in New York and Dubai or impressive coastlines in Scotland and France, there is a suitable motif for everyone.  The harmonious and minimalistic images speak for themselves and underline the feel-good character of your own four walls. The Open Editions are perfectly suited for the design of your individual and artistic picture wall.



Whether tender poplars beside the road or impressive sequoia trees in the Sequoia National Park in the USA. Trees have fascinated the photographer duo from the very beginning. From remote spots in the Alps to crowded beaches on the Californian coast. The multitude of genres always offers new and diverse motifs.



Water is a calming element of life for us humans. With time exposures the stormy waves of the Atlantic were tamed, bridges disappear by fog in the early morning into the sheer infinity and jetties lead you to the transition from the mainland into the vastness of the lake landscapes.



The city that never sleeps, the city of love or the capital of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Monarchy. As different as they are, every city has its charms. Cities are centers of life and urbanization is an unstoppable trend of our time. Silverfineart knows how to find unique perspectives, even with motifs that have already been photographed millions of times.



A picture says more than a thousand words, while minimalist photographs show the beauty of simple structures, lines, and forms. Immerse yourself in the depths of these images, which are unobtrusive due to their simplicity and thus emphasize the calming atmosphere.



Steep coasts and rugged rocks along the coasts of Scotland, Iceland or France. The brute force of nature can be felt in these expressive shots; nevertheless, harmonious compositions are created by the time exposure.



White sandy beaches and blue lagoons do not offer the artist duo any motifs. Rather, it is the attraction of creating photos from inconspicuous views that captivate their viewers and inspire them to reflect.



Bridges facilitate the journey for people between two points. The longest bridge in the world measures an impressive 55 kilometers. But if you're looking for classic photographs of these architectural masterpieces, you won't find anything here.  The most impressive motif is not always found quickly, so several days were often spent around and on the bridges waiting for the perfect lighting atmosphere.  Experience the Golden Gate Bridge or the Pont de L'Ile de Ré in a way you have probably never seen before.



Away from the pulsating cities and coastal landscapes, we are always drawn across the interior of the country. Here the landscape is characterized by different fields, pastures, and meadows. If these then run symmetrically divided by vehicle tracks into the horizon, or if a single tree stands in the middle of a huge wheat field which appears almost sea-like by the wind, then pictures like these emerge.



The magic of the deserts lies to a large extent in their infinity and in their bizarre landscape.  But as endless and hostile to life as they may seem, the deserts of our earth are unbelievably multi-faceted and fascinating.  The play of colors and forms makes these pictures almost picturesque.



For centuries, footbridges have connected the mainland with the water. They have always fascinated, as they are a symbol for travelers and arrivals.  The time exposures of these photographs create a flowing transition between water and sky and make the horizon appear infinite.



When thundering masses of water meet analog time exposures, unique symbioses of power and silence arise. Scotland and Iceland offered numerous motifs for these special shots. Additionally, the Icelandic midnight sun has contributed to the mystical atmosphere.



Uniquely minimalist photographs of the Hot Air Balloon World Championship in the Waldviertel. Wide fields, clear skies and lonely forests - the unique landscape of Austria offered excellent scenery to put the balloons in the perfect light.